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    Gap between Domestic Corn Grinding Mill and Foreign Developed Countries

    Date:2017-06-08 16:14:34 Writer:


    Domestic Corn Grinding Mill

    In recent years, the level of China's scientific and technological manufacturing has been continuously improved, and the DOMESTIC CORN GRINDING MILL industry has made rapid progress. However, compared with the developed countries, there are still many deficiencies in the development of domestic corn grinding mill, which requires our country to vigorously promote the domestic corn grinding mill and shorten the gap with the foreign countries.


    First, the production scale is small. Compared with the developed countries, domestic corn grinding mill is still in the development stage, production and processing of small scale. This requires the domestic corn grinding mill to actively expand the scale of industrial production, improve market share, and strive to narrow the gap with developed countries.


    Second, the product is single. At present, the processing products of foreign corn grinding mill are gradually diversified, while the processing products of domestic corn grinding mill are single, which can not meet the growing market. In this regard, domestic corn grinding mill should actively increase investment in science and technology, to the direction of diversification.


    Thirdly, the comprehensive utilization rate is low. At present, the utilization rate of domestic corn grinding mill processing products is lower, and the processing products are still in the initial stage, and the intensive processing has not yet been realized, compared with foreign developed countries there is still a big gap.


    Finally, the level of automation is low. Domestic corn grinding mill continues to develop in the direction of mechanization, our country in this area there are some deficiencies, most of the production needs to rely on manual completion, greatly reducing its production efficiency.


    In summary, the domestic corn grinding mill and foreign developed countries there are still some gaps. Therefore, domestic corn grinding mill enterprises should actively introduce foreign advanced technology, change the management model, and strive to improve the market development space. At the same time, the government should increase investment, mobilize the enthusiasm of domestic corn grinding mill enterprises, and continuously narrow the gap between developed countries.


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